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Marry Me, Mary !

Ouh, cerite ini tersangat sangat sangat best ! aww, sweet andand kelakar . yeah ! takcukop dekat tv, youtube menjadi mangse . HAHA ! aku da terlalu obses dengan cerite neh . mak aku pon join sekali . HAHA ! festaim tengok, mate da takboleh na pandang tempat lain selain tv . kire macam taknak miss satu scene pon . cerite neh da buat aku gila . pernah tuh, aku bergado dengan adek aku pasal cerite neh . die pileh JungIn, aku pileh MuGyul . HAHA ! sampai nangesnanges . mak aku yang tolong dengar tuh pon pening . wee~  
apeape pon cerite neh terbaik :)

Mae Ri (Mary)
She is a cheerful young woman whose cute and innocent personality. She resembles her deceased mother. Due to her father who is easy involved into trouble, she has through difficult lives. However, for Mae Ri, her father is still the best father in the world.
Since she can’t pay her tuition, she is currently taking a leave of absence from school. But, because she doesn’t have any talents, she does uncommon jobs to pay down the debt.
The world turns in a while when her father sets two fake marriages for her with two men, Mu Gyul and Jung In, who have complete opposite appearances for about 100 days. This is the beginning of the conflict.

Mu Gyul
He is the lead vocalist and guitarist of a rock band. He is type of man who doesn’t like talking too much. His only interest is music and he doesn’t care about being success.
Due to the emotional scars left by his mother, he is likely not interested to marry any woman in his life. But, he changes when meets Mae Ri with whom he ends up in a “100 day fake marriage” that brings monetary conflicts towards his life.
The man who doesn’t understand what the meaning of family, and doesn’t know what the true love is, falls in love to Mae Ri, a loyal girl and has to encounter his love rival, Jung In.
Jung In
He is the successor of JI, the television music production company. He is the “perfect type” of man for women. He has the looks, the money, and the brain. He doesn’t like anyone to interfere in his life.
Because of his father’s wishes, he also ends up in a “100 day fake marriage” without any emotional attachment. Somehow, he begins to fall for Mae Ri and because of her he also starts to realize the meaning of life. But, the problem is Mae Ri really loves Mu Gyul.
Seo Joon
She comes from a wealthy family, and has bold and confident personality. She is a beautiful actress who prefers making movies over television dramas.
She is also Mu Gyul’s ex-girlfriend with a year relationship. And somehow, she meets up with him again. Her appearance makes the love line more complicated.
p / s : aku neh lebeh sangat ke ?  ^^ winkwink