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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their jurnal.
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11 things about myself
- Nur Syazwani Batrisyia Bt Tusirin
- Freaking 13
- Proud to be Malaysian
- Kpop hard die fan
- Got awsome friends, from primary school until secondary school
- Got 5 siblings, all girls
- Daydream is my hobby
- Create a fanfic is my natural job
- Computer and handphone is my best buddies
- My dream place is Korea
- I always have my ice cream besides me whenever I'm stress

Big Head questions (:
Q Since when you are a blogger?
A Since last year
Q Bestfriend or boyfriend?
A I don't have any boy so I absolutely choose bestfriend
Q Phone or laptop?
A Laptop
Q Do you love animals?
A No, sorry
Q What are your sweet memories with your friends in secondary school?
A Bullied Siqin Jollie and Taiko with Muni
Q Do you remember your bestfriend number phone?
A Yup, should I put the number here to prove it ? Haha, JKJK
Q Do you wear tudung when primary school?
A Of course yes :D
Q What is your favourite quote?
A I write and feel it just to make our story alive
Q What you want to say to the person that you don't like?
A Hey, welcome to my black list (:
Q Do you love with your name?
A Sayang ketat ketat //muahkirimuahkanan
Q What are your dreams?
A My dream is to make my wish come true (: 

Now, its my turn asking you questions
1. What is your nickname ? Why ?
2. What did you feel right now ?
3. What is your lucky number ?
4. What will you choose between hope, fate and love ?
5. Which one did you hate, faker or hater ?
6. What is your favourite memories with your friends ?
7. What is your best friend's favourite artist ?
8. What about your favourite movie/drama ?
9. Did you have any crush at your school ?
10. One word to your hater ?
11. What you want to say to yourself ?

Person that I tagged 

I tagged randomly. Anyway, thanks to Muni tagged me. Finally, I did it (: