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Don't Ever Look Back And Keep Moving Forward

//asalamualaikum. Actually, aku tak tahu nak post apa and macam biasa bosan. I just finished watching Making The Artist for Season 1. And waiting for the Season 2 , episode 2. So, I'm planning to watch BABA B1A4 or another B2ST variety show. Yesterday, I also watched Asian Song Festival. Its totally awsome. I'm screaming when I saw B2ST Haha. My sisters also. They kept screaming for Yoseob. Act, they only know Yoseob. I influenced them about Kpop.

Yeah, I'm so bored yesterday so I made it. Err, I don't know what to type. So, Saengil chukahamnida, California boy. Hope ypu have an awsome birthday. Saranghae <3