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I Love You More Than Words Can Say

Assalamualaikum, earthlings (:

Guess what ? Today is 11.11.11 Isn't that sweet ? I mean it never happen again. Its once for your life. And it will be great if I make a wish or wishes. I'll make 11 wishes. At least, one of them come true (:

  • Be the best in the eyes of Allah and forever bow down to Him
  • Strive to be a great daughter of Mr Dad and Mrs Mom
  • Awsome marks in class, at least please give me an A (:
  • Great memories than the past
  • If I meet someone, please make us last forever
  • Meet six guy that I loved so much
  • Geng ayam and Garagaragaru long lasting
  • Someone who always give his/ her shoulder when I'm crying
  • Please give me awsome strenght to forget someone that I shouldn't loved
  • Kpop stuff. I'm only have posters (Y)
  • Dear Allah, please fulfil all my wishes. At least one of them. *amin*