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When B1A4 Are Crazy, They Goes Jomma Jomma Ya !

//asalamualaikum. Today, I'm all alone in my house. Mom and my sisters were visiting my aunt. I don't know what to watch today. So, I'm reading fanfic. I once wrote a fanfic. I mean, not a but more than five, I guess. But, I only wrote it on a book. I started with B2ST and ended with SHINee. But, I'm still stuck with SHINee. I don't know how to end it and I have no time. There's no interesting shows at KBS except 2D1N and Dream Team. The dramas were bored. Yesterday, is LJoe birthday. But, why LJoeDay isnt trending ? Its trending at Singapore and Japan. Pfft, all kpopers tried so hard trending LJoe Day. Not just LJJANGS and ANGELS but all. Yeah, thanks guys :D Even its not trending on worldwide but LJoe sure knows that we gave our best. And we didnt win last nignt match. And I was like " Ohman, another bad luck ? " . Sokay, there always next time.

I'm watching BABA B1A4. I got excited until episode 7 but annoyed when episode 8 and so on have no english sub. I just know that B1A4 loves 2NE1. So funny watching them out of controll at episode 7. Omona, I love those childish oppas. Dayah, now I can rap LJoe and CAP part on The Back Of My Hand Brushes Against Yours and CAP part on Supa Luv. Seriously, every night I will listen and try to sing along. And the result, I can rap yeahh :D But I only can rap when there are lyrics. Bella and Muni, when will come to my house ? Aren't we celebrating Maggie Day ?

Enjoy Jomma Jomma Ya ! with B1A4