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You Are The Reason I Love Losing Sleep

//asalammualaikum. As all of you know, today was the last day of school. Yeah, its hard to say goodbye. Especially, to people who are close to us and together create beautiful memories. Garagaragaru will not beapart eventhough we're not in the same class. Maybe, Allah want us to know the importance of friendship. I know I can make new friends in my class. According to Muni, all boys in my class are not handsome or hot stuff. Yeah, its easy for me to concentrate more on studies. Najlaa, make sure you sit beside me next year. Bella, take a really good care of you and also Muni. She cried alot. Help her on studies, araso ? Muni, we are still perfect two. I know its awkward to say but 사랑해 to both of you. Just know that I mean it. Dayah, you might find a new victim to scratch her head Haha. Keep your eyes on AA (Y) Izzati, thanks for being there whenever I need you. You are the only hostel's student that close to me. Remember, next year give my RM15 Haha. I think thats all I want to say cos I don't want to cry anymore.