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Your Love Plus My Love, Supa Luv

//asalammualaikum. Oyeah, another boring day. And I have no activities ecxept for stalking Kpop. Pfft, I didnt move just a inch from the monitor. Its kinda like in hell. Yeah, just staying at home, watch randomly tv shows. What a life. Fortunately, yesterday our Harimau Muda won. And to Indonesians, your Garuda also did a great job. Hope we meet on the next match. Since yeasterday, I'm watching Running Man. And its freaking hilarious. I made my stomach hurt so much. And now, I'm watching six awsome boys named Teen Top on Making The Artist's show. They totally cute. But I'm watching it until 6 o' clock because I want to watch re-run Asian Festival. B2ST, I miss you. Pls come back to Malaysia.