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Beauty Is Having A Pretty Mind, Pretty Heart and Pretty Soul.

//asalamualaikum. Its been a long time since I've posted, right ? Yeah, many things came towards me. First, I dreamed about JIM. Only Iman knew the meaning of the name. I don't know why I dreamed about him. I never think about him, talk to him or anything else that related to him. What a strange dream . Second, I think I left out. Family rarely talk to me. Cos, I'm a quiet person at house. Only latent all in my heart. Well, if you saw me being talkative, its mean I'm expressing what I've pent. Pfftt, I always be blamed. Maybe, there's word Offender on my forehead. Maybe, I'm just saying. Are they trying to give a tantrum to me ? I tried to hold back tears. Lol, DBSK's song. I wish I can shut down everything. No scolding, no interupt, no hurting and no more crying. Just enjoying myself with people who want to smile, laughing, teasing, play with and who willing to hold my hand and lead me to a better life. Just praying that everything inside my head are real. Then, I will believe that life are fair enough. 

Third, I'm going to move out. Not from school, just from house. Sorry Yana-ah, I've made you worried . Mianhaeyo (Y) Now, I'm hostel student to-be . Iffah, we are in the same situation. But, we still can hang out, right Muni and Bella ? Just not that often. My life will be change. I don't know whether it change to a good one or not. I really don't like changes, you know. It must be awkward at hostel. To those that are in the same dorm with me, be nice okay ?