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//asalamualaikum. Yeah, back to december evelibadi :D This is the last chance to make our dreams come true before January . Anyway, I've watched Trouble Maker. Its awsomeee :'D Maybe some of Hyunseung / B2ST fans don't like 2Hyun shippers. Me too actually hehe. I love the whistling part. Last night, I stay awake just to wait for Trouble Maker MV. They said its released on 1AM at Korea. Suddenly, the time changed to 2AM. And I was like 'ohmann, I'm really sleepy' . Trouble Maker and B2ST - Fiction were trending on worldwide last night. Trouble Maker managed to the top while B2ST - Fiction on #5 or #6 , I don't remember. Oyeah, Fiction reached 10 million viewers. And I 'm screaming ! Fine, my mom nag at me for making noises on midnight Haha. Omma, omma :D