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Let's Flip A Coin, If Heads You Are Mine And If Tails I'm Yours

//asalamualaikum, guys. Yesterday, I've made an entry about ordering header and editing blog, right ? Okay, I'll wait for a week, if still no one ordering, I will close the promotion. Anyway, I'm making blogskin too. Its my first time, so its kinda tiring. Stayed out night, edit that and this. Atlast, the result is satisfies me. If you want to use it, don't remove the credits, otherwise I'll call my Edward to give you a nightmare, okay sweetheart ?

First, thanks to Sis Suhaila for the basecode. If not because of you, I didn't have skins :D And the song inspired by Nada Cinta. Indonesian drama. Actually, I didn't watch it. Suddenly, there an ads drama Nada Cinta haha.