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//asalamualaikum. Okay, see that banner ? Me made it hoho. Awsome right ? //self praise Anyway, blog aku makin cantik. Biru and pink, nampak tenang sahaja kan ? Okay, about banner atas itu. Aku and makcek aku, Amoy buat jualan. To those who want to us to edit for you, please like our fanpage, this and this. Tell us the design at our fanpages. BUT, you have to pay (:

The price :-
Header with writing : RM 3
Header with pictures/doodles : RM 5
Whole blog : RM 10
 Okay, some blogs that I've edited.

Aku malas nak prinscreen semua, aku just upload header. If korang nak view blog diorang, just click at the header. Kbai (Y)