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What You Want And What You Need Is A Big Difference

//asalamualaikum, everyone. What a boring holiday, I wish I could hang out with friends. If I can't go to JJ or anywhere, atleast let me breath the fresh air. I can;t keep carbon dioxide inside my body anymore -,- Mom will be back soon. And it will be double boring holiday. Yeah, she will continue nagging and ordering. Its really annoyed me, you know. 
MGIAG were going pretty well. The drama great, hero and heroin cute and awsome. I just love when Mi Ho act innocent. And Dae Woong always figure out a way to escape from Mi Ho. They made a cute couple. The cute scene is when Dae Woong teach Mi Ho how to befriend. You know, the finger thingy. For the theme song, I just love Dubirubiruraffa part haha. Dae Woong's aunt and Director Ban. Aigoo, those two are totally cute. Lol, they all have own theme song. Dong Joo's song is Trap by No Min Woo, Look at me - Park Hong is Director Ban and Min Sook's theme song, Dae Woong's song is by himselft - Losing My Mind. 
At first, I thought Dong Joo was Park Jung Min haha. Then, I realised Hyomin T-ARA also act as Dae Woong's friend. Ahh, the drama getting funnier and awsome. Can't wait for the next episode. Anyway, this Saturday, Birth Of Family will be airing. The first episode, at audition. I really laugh when LeaderGyu avoided from the dogs. Waiting for the second episode. On Sunday, my family and I will take a train to Ipoh. I was like 'What ?! Seriously ?!' Its my first time taking a train and I hope it will be exciting experience. I just can't stop from spazzing, lol. 
Yesterday, is MinHo's birthday. I almost forgot. Luckily, I log in my twitter account and saw many tweets about him. And, yeah Happy Birthday to Minho trending on Worldwidee ^^ Last but not least, thanks to those who were following me. Thanks guys for gaining my followers *bow* But please do inform at shoutbox, okay ? I better get going as it pretty late here and I have much work to do tomorrow. Ppyeong !