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I Love It When Your Eyes Meet Mine

Assalamualaikum. Sorry, I'm a bit busy this week. I don't have time to writes. And also, I don't know what to type. I'm a 4D person. Sometimes, I'm a 16D. lmao. As I thought, there's soo many homeworks. Too lazy to do --" Especially Math. I don't understands. I almost understands Geog. Yeah, maybe. Day passed and I feel that we are getting far away. Maybe I'm the one who feel that way. I'm afraid our friendship are not close anymore. I'm bit sad when I'm thinking of that. lol. Korang, aku nak kita macam dulu. Bella, banyak aku nak story. Pasal budak tuh and tuh. Muni, nak gelak dengan kau. *lapairmata* Dayah, nak peluk kau. Seriously, miss you guys T__________T