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Things End But Memories Last Forever

//asalamualaikum. First post for 2012. I thought I wanna make last post for 2011 but I'm away to Johorbahru for a few days. So, how's your new year ? I wished happy new year to Dongwoon in my heart. Because Dad didn't brought the laptop. He said this is our holiday, so no Internet. My vacation at JB is so tiring. Especially when its comes on shopping. I went to JPO. Its very hot and totally crowded. I only bought shoes because my sisters were tired. Anis cried really hard. The next day, we went to Taman Negara. Whoa, like a real forest. I don't really like to go there cos there's so many mosquitos and monkeys. On the third day, we went back to Seremban. I'm really tired and don't know what to type. School on fourth January. I don't want to go *______*
To Kak Miza, sorry lambat bagi header :/ This is for you :D Tak cantik bagi tahu, kay ?

I know I'm a bit late but congratulations B2ST. Saranghae ~