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The Best Feeling When You Look At Him And He Already Starring

Assalamualaikum, readers. I'm totally spies  tired. Yeahh, as usual too many homeworks. And I only have 2 days. I was like Seriously ? You want it on Monday ? Urghh --" I will private this blog for awhile, maybe. Just saying. Depends to the condition. I just don't know what to say. Many things happened but I'm blank infront of the monitor. I easily got bored. Don't know what to do. Just know, Nenek Jiha and Amal having fun at my place. We were just staying in my room. Listening to music, reading comics and magazines, talking about girl stuff and so on. Actually, we planned to discuss about BM but we were to lazy to think and I don't have mood to do, ahaha. Then, we went downstairs to online facebook but mom got it first. While waiting, we watched Gulliver's Travels. Yeah, that babo movie. Sometimes its funny, and sometimes it annoyed. Then, we online facebook just to order some Kpop stuff. I forgot to ask for money to Bella, How could you just go like that T^T You know I can't cross the road by myself. You know, the three of us just running like crazy when crossing.Pfftt, quite embrassing -,-  Anyway, Never Let You Go have been update. Now, I currently write the fifth chapter. I know I'm a bit late about FT Island's comeback. Its so emotional. Even the mv are sad. I'm crying. LOL. I can't wait for school's holiday. Superman will be online, heee (y) Dayah, sorry for ignoring you on facebook. Too busy. Hehe.