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Assalamualaikum, gais. Okay, I'm gonna type it fast and try to make it short. I'm back with black theme. Black is soo mah lover. As you can see, the skin is from MuazzAdli. I just changed the code. It took me like 2 hours ? I don't remember. Maybe I'm too into to edit, ahahah. The song, inspired me to change my blog to black. lol. Then, the gif  and the guy on the sidebar. Its mine, people. Don't take it. If you want, just request on my freebies section. Oh yeah, to those who want to exchange links with me. Gomawo :3 I'm currently waiting for the 400th followers. Ahahah. If you click ' Affies ' , you will meet the linkies and credits section. If I use your things, without credit it. Pls inform me. Okay guys, its midnight. Gotta sleep. Ppyong ~