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I Love It When I'm The Reason You Are Smiling

Assalamualaikum, gais. Yeah, its have been like a week ? I think some of you already know the reason why I rarely online. Exam is on next week and I don't have much time to study. Busy with school stuff. Tomorrow, I'll sleep over at the hostel. Kinda fun, maybe. Jiha can't stop talk about tomorrow. And of course about her so-call Jong Kook oppa. Yeah, she even have KJK's nametag. I think she is obsessed with him. And that soo freaking me out, lol. Yesterday, I have some great time with Spongebob. Aww, he's totally adorable. 
Today, I studied Science and Math with Dayah and Jiha. Dayah asked some question about Science and Jiha answered with nonsense answer. Aish, babo Jihoss. I just laughed at her :D I think thats all for now. Gotta go. I need to pack for tomorrow. Anyway, have a very good March ^^

Maybe I'll update fanfic after exams.