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You Are The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Assalamualaikum and bonjour everybody. I'm back with some great stories. Well, the exams are going pretty well. I guess. You know every students are not perfect. Sometimes they have to ask help from their best friend forever. Ahahah, you know what I mean. The most hilarious part when we asking for ' help ' is today. That time, everyone were so busy stapling their papers. Suddenly, Ibti asked for help. "Wei, cepat wei. Tulis untuk aku. Aku cover untuk korang." she said. I read the answers while Jiha writes the answer. And Ibti was like "Cepatlah. cepatlah." we're just laughing so hard at Ibti expression. Ahahah. Then, the teacher did not suspect anything. Well, I think she should cos Ibti was the last person to hands up her papers. Maybe, just our luck. lol. 

Then, after recess we have History test. Seriously, its not just the three of us (me, jiha and yana) but the seven of us. I think maybe they saw us playing with the fingers. They wanted to join too. And I was like " okay then, as long as I got A's" pfftt XD An as usual, the teacher just do her stuff. After that, everything back to normal. We hve Sivik and BA. I don't really focus what teachers teach infront. I'm just playing with Yana at the back. Yeah, I got C for BA. Thanks, ustazah. Appreciate it. 

This morning, Muni told me that 'thing' was Oppa's. On the outside I was like "oh ? okayy." but on the inside, its soo shocking me. Yesterday, I was totally worried about him until now. And he was just smiling like nothing happen. Hello, I'm worried about you here. Jiha said I was totally fell in love with him. Really ? I think no, its just the same as Superman. Urghh, I don't know. 

Lastly, thanks to my Jiha, Dayah, Muni and Bella for always being there for me. This week I kept crying right ? Ahaha. Thanks for lending your shoulders, guys. Jiha, thanks for your advices. I'll try to reach out to omma. Dayah too. Its a good starting right ? Pray for us. Muni, thanks for informing me about Oppa. Hope we will be forever, lol. Bella, thanks too about Oppa's story. About Geog too. I hope I did'nt fail. Thanks for everything, wey. I'm nothing without chu olls. Saranghae, chinguya *ppuing pppuing*