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Assalamualaikum everyone. Sihat? keh aku tak. i'm feel empty like always. yeah thats me. the empty girl lol. on monday, nothing happen because 1 was not absent. fortunately 2 were there even you're not and never notice me ಢ_ಢ  mianhae imran, i stole your chair. you know our class is so high and i'm so lazy to search chair. i'm desperate. but you got your own chair already right? so enjoy your new chair and sorry mann *le peace at le cheeksue* 

so on tuesday, we had 1M1S eh? whatever lah. like i care much *le flip hair and 1D overwhelmed* i enjoyed our time playing and singing together. then back to class. i was like "thats it?" yeaaahhh i'm not so enjoy yet. i want more lol. 1 was not wearing his sport shirt. well its easier for me to spot him ahaha.

i'm so sleepy right now but i'm too lazy to sleep. what a freak me. then wednesday or yesterday, i hate wearing pbsm uniform. so hoteu and curse the skirt. so annoying mann. i can't walk faster with it. so i have to walk patiently and gracefully like a model or wanita melayu terakhir to be *roll eyes* that evening, we practiced marching. and i so damn hateu it. i had to pretend to love it heh. 1 saw me marching. and i really want to run back home because i'm so damn embarassed. what a day -_______________-