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yo whaddup gaiseu? lewls intro dah mcm kriseu. mann i think i love you. but what about tao? keh agak menyampah bila cakap pasal bias. i'm proud of them just i don't know who to choose because i got many, billion and uncount. get it? then many things happened. i don't know what to do. haihh aku selalu cakap 'tak tahu' even dad was mad. i know nothing ;A;

semalam tiga penjuru. oyeah my hands trembling and shivering lol. nak kata meningkat, memang tak lah kan? but i got no D. there's something i don't like about C. she's really annoying. whats wrong with you? you changed to someone i hate. fortunately i understand you. and also A. yah are you blind? you talked to others while i'm here. you baka  -ㅅ- and D, neo nappeun *hit you* how could you told me about him? just let me crush on him without any heart broken. enough with the relay rumours. tsk tsk

and 2, you changed too. you ignore me. neo nappeun too. i miss u ㅠㅠ hmm i still did'nt reveal about him to my friends. aigoo i don't know how to start. i think i will nevereu tell them. haha cruel me. this morning, ommar already make me pissed. oww mom stop nagging like i'm still a kid haish. dad too. my siblings also. ahh wae you guise always cruel to me? you're not torture my body but you make my heart suffered. my soul tormented. 

people pleaseu stay away from me. i don't hateu you i just don't want to see you for this momenteu. i don't want to move to anywhere. i just want to stay here. no one interupting my lifeu. i'm empty. sigh 

doojoon oppar, mianhae. i didnt wish you. i'm too lazy lol. you can kill me if you want. tonight, i'm gonna watch true blood and the rite. tomorrow night, i will watch beastly. first because the title is beasteu lol. then there's my sweety vanessa hudgen \(^_^)/ i love thrill and horror movies. they're damn cool mann. blood are everywhere. they're fighting. guns with swords and vampire with werewolf. keh i'm freak. boo wanny boo ㅡㅡ